N.C. Ecosystem Enhancement Program
Local Watershed Plan

This local watershed planning initiative addresses the need for action in the Upper New Hope arm of Jordan Lake, a local watershed in the towns of Carrboro and Chapel Hill in Orange County, and in Durham, NC.

Map of Local Watershed

Meeting of the Waters
Orange County

The focus of this local watershed planning activity is on upper Morgan Creek (30 square miles, potential habitat degradation), lower Morgan Creek (19.9 square miles, 6.5 miles impaired stream), and Little Creek (Booker and Bolin Creeks, with 24.6 square miles, 12.7 miles of impaired stream).

These creeks have problems or are threatened with habitat degradation, sediment or fecal coliform. Manganese is also listed as a possible cause of impairment in lower New Hope Creek and lower Morgan Creek. Northeast Creek is listed as having low dissolved oxygen, as well.

Urban runoff and effluent from wastewater treatment are possible sources of degradation. In upper Morgan Creek, agriculture is also a possible source of degradation. All of these creeks, with the exception of upper Morgan Creek, were on the Section 303(d) list for year 2000 and are within a water supply watershed.

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