Wake Forest Gazette, Sept. 20, 2007

More work on Richland Creek

Last week the Gazette reported the $346,000 grant the Town of Wake Forest has received from the state?s Clean Water Management Trust Fund to rehabilitate 1,900 feet of Richland Creek from the Franklin County line to Stadium Drive.

The article also said the town hopes to rehabilitate the portion of the stream from Stadium Drive to Durham Road.

Ryan Hutchinson, the senior vice president for business administration at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, sent an e-mail: saying it is the State of North Carolina doing the work. "We granted the State a conservation easement and they are supposed to do this section starting this winter. The seminary owns the Paschal Golf Club land, which lies along the eastern bank of Richland Creek from Stadium to Durham Road."

This week Michi Vojta, a project manager with the North Carolina Ecosystem Enhancement Program, said they will be working on the creek for 12 weeks from January to March.

The work will involved stream and buffer restoration. "There is a lot of really bad erosion", Vojta said. "We will re-create the stream and make it more of a natural stream."

The work has been planned for quite some time, and Vojta said there had been several delays.