Triangle Business Journal Sept. 22, 2006

Letter to Editor from EEP on 9/8/06 story, "Liquid Assets"

By: William Gilmore
Director, N.C. Ecosystem Enhancement Program, Raleigh

Mitigation important part of program

A statement in the otherwise insightful Sept. 8 TBJ article "Liquid Assets:
North Carolina is attracting a new breed of bankers" gives the impression
that the N.C. Ecosystem Enhancement Program "attempts to avoid" the state's
mitigation-banking industry. EEP appreciates the contribution the
mitigation-banking industry has made to our program and plans to continue
the relationship as we move into the future. Avoidance and minimization of
environmental impacts is preferred to mitigation at EEP, but when we move
forward to offset unavoidable damage to the state's environment, we
collaborate with the mitigation-banking industry in that aim.