Chatham News

State Set to Buy Duke Land in County

By Randall Rigsbee

Duke University last spring announced its plans to sell 960 acres of undeveloped land it owns along the Haw River in Chatham County and now it appears the state will buy the property.

Duke has owned the land along the Haw River east of Bynum since 1966, but Duke officials say the university has made little use of the property.

For that reason, the University announced its plans to sell all 960 acres it owns in Chatham County.

The university has now signed an option with the state to buy the land, according to Dan Lein Chairman of the Chatham County Parks Foundation, who has been following the matter on behalf of the Chatham County Board of Commissioners.

Lein said a December close on the property is anticipated, provided the state acquires federal funds to buy the property.

Following the purchase by the State Department of Transportation, the DOT would then turn the land over to the state Parks Department for management.

The county remains interested in the future use of the property, including the potential use of approximately 25 acres, which has already been cleared as a ball field.