Time-Warner News 14 September. 23, 2008

Officials discuss creek restoration

By: Kira Mathis

BURLINGTON -- Water quality officials in North Carolina are hoping to clean up Little Alamance Creek.

The creek flows through Burlington and Graham and feeds into the Haw River.

The N.C. Division of Water Quality declared the creek impaired in 2006 because of poor water quality and vegetation loss. Since then, officials have studied what was causing the problems.

Monday they met with the public to go over their findings and plans to fix storm water runoff problems and improve the water quality.

"One of the solutions would be to identify an area where you could do some storm water management, some retro fits, and we have identified a place in city park where there's enough space for us to restore the stream and address the storm water issue," Mike Herrmann with the Ecosystem Enhancement Program explained. "So we're excited that here is some kind of action that we can take immediately following this planning process to address the impairment

Officials say people can help keep Little Alamance Creek clean by decreasing fertilizer use and increasing vegetation buffers on private property along the creek.